Nick strongly believes that MPs should spend taxpayers' money with great care and only claim expenses when absolutely necessary.  He also believes the public has a right to know how these funds are spent.  Expenses should be reasonable and they should be audited.  Nick has always voted for full transparency and tougher rules, and strongly supported the lead taken by David Cameron in 2009 to clean up the entire system.

Nick does not claim any expenses for his home in Arundel.  Until the 2010 election, he claimed for mortgage interest, but he has never claimed for household items, insurance or council tax.  He has never claimed personally for food, or for travel expenses for family members.  Most of Nick’s claims are for his staff salaries and their expenses, office costs and limited travel expenses. In 2017-18 he was in the lowest 30 of all MPs - 623rd - for his expenses claims.

You can find details of all Nick's expenses from 2005-2010 here and from 2010 to date here.